Political Consulting Company in India

Make you Big is one of the top Political Campaign Consulting and Management Company in India. We have expertise in election campaigning and political campaign management team to make any election campaign successful with the help of social media, paid media, paper media, print media and content marketing.

Political Consulting Firm Responsibilities & Roles

As political consultant company, our team need to wear many hats such as election manager, social media content developer, visual content and graphics superstar, Internet paid ads expert, audience persona creator and analyst, voters segmentation manager, PR manager & Researcher.

Political Consultancy Company responsibilities & Roles:

  • Strategy analysis of rival candidates
  • Strategy analysis of rival political party
  • Social Media Management for Individual as well as Political Party
  • War Room Manager
  • Election Manager
  • War Room team leader
  • Facebook Advertising for Candidate ( Client)
  • Reputation Management
  • Risk Management
  • PR Management
  • Mass Mailing & SMS Management
  • Voter’s Data Analysis and Segmentation
  • Online Target Audience ( Voters) Creation and Management
  • Personal Assistance
  • Personal Photographers for Electoral Candidate
  • Caption & Social Media Status Creators and Curators
  • Feedback Manager
  • Comments Manager
  • Graphics Expert
  • Whatsapp Groups Manager
  • Viral Content Creators
  • Social Media Volunteers Manager
  • Social Media Analysts & Tools Managers
  • Blogs, Candidates Website and News Sites Webmasters
  • Offline Engagement and Rally Managers
  • Rally Expense and Audience Managers
  • Voters Surveyers
  • Voters Groomers
  • Voters Data Collectors
  • Voters Sentiments Analysis ( Negative, Positive and Neutral)
  • Micro Influencers Identification and Relationship Management in Constituency
  • Voters Outreach Goal Setting
  • Action plan for war room team & field team
  • Voice Call Blast and Mass SMS and Whatsapp Blast Management
  • Financial Management for War room and Marketing

Want to be Political Election Winner?  Hire Political Campaign Manager

Relation Between Political Consulting Firms & Data

  • Electoral Campaigns are ideal example of mass marketing. Mass marketing needs data, data and data to bring results in your favor.
  • Political Elections campaigns success depends on following factors
  • Voters Data : A Link between Voter and Election Campaign Manager
  • Know Your Voter: Analysis of Issues and Solutions
  • Right Message for Right Voter : in terms of marketing Spread your USPs
  • Make You Big team know all 3 factors very well and we know how to do it.
  • Our Political Campaign Consultancy and Management works on “Listen, understand and react” methodology .
  • Being online marketers we understand value of data. “Data is the most honest adviser for leaders & it is unbiased”.
  • Being one of the top political Consulting Firm in India we believe – “Right Strategy and proper use of election management software and resources makes electoral campaigns successful”

What Makes us Best Political Consulting Firm in India

It Takes lots of back end efforts and expertise to ” Convert haters in to Voters”. Make You Big Team knows how to handle negative sentiments and turn them in to positive sentiments for politicians / leaders.

Few Following things we consider as Political consulting firm in largest democracy- India.

Analysis of Negative Sentiments Online as well as offline

Creating & spreading positive message to convert negative sentiments in to Positive one.

Developing strong relationship between leaders and VOTERS using content marketing and Public relations